Head south and find the Interpass hotels between the Algarve and southern Spain.


Close to the beach and golf you will find in our units the perfect location for your stay.

Choose one of our hotels for your vacation and we promise that we will make you feel at home!


For us, the most important thing is to make you feel safe and calm during your stay in our hotels.

For this reason, we have taken a set of initiatives, approved and guided by Turismo de Portugal and the Clean and Safe seal, which redefine the hygiene and safety protocols, and which make our hotels an even safer place for you and your family. family.

Feel at Home


The South is known for its climate and light. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is very likely that you will enjoy a radiant sun on your stay here. The weather is mild throughout the year, conducive to a stay at the beach, golf or to enjoy and discover the South that you do not know yet.

Our hotels are located between Portimão and Islantilla. Along this land strip you can find several different landscapes. From the rocky cliffs of the western Algarve to the extensive sands of southern Spain.

Beach and mountains, sea and river. There are countless possibilities for you to have fun and get to know what the Algarve and Southern Spain have to show.


The Interpass Hotels are prepared to welcome you and your family and make you feel at home.

Our swimming pools are spaces for family fun and relaxation. Enjoy the sun! And if the sun doesn’t shine for a day, you have at your disposal at our Praia do Vau and Islantilla units, an indoor pool and jacuzzi so you can relax.

Enjoy a cocktail in our bar in the late afternoon and enjoy a fantastic family dinner in the restaurant of our hotels.

Our apartments are fully equipped and furnished for your comfort and convenience.


The Algarve has excellent conditions both for the more experienced players and for those who are starting to practice the sport. Golf, which has earned many international awards and distinctions to the region, has even been considered more than once the best golf destination in the world.

Islantilla also has several golf courses of international level, with a typical landscape of the Costa da Luz, with the possibility of enjoying golf courses.


When we think of the Algarve and its gastronomy, of course, fish and seafood are the first things that are suggested to us. The variety of dishes with these fantastic delicacies is endless, from a simple but delicious grilled fish to a rich fish and seafood cataplana. But if we go further inland, we can’t stop talking about sausages, pork stews and so many other homemade and delicious meals. Alfarrobeiras, almond and fig trees are typical fruit trees of the region that are the source of much of the regional sweets and spirits and liqueurs.

As for Andaluzia, we cannot forget the tapas, the ham and, of course, the region’s fish and seafood. The fantastic Paellas, the grilled meats and the mixed fried fish are some delicacies not to be missed.

In the restaurants of our hotels, you will find a range of regional and international cuisine that is quite rich and varied. Delicacies designed in detail by our Chefs for you and your family. Don’t forget to visit us.

THE IDEAL PLACE for family holidays. to relax. to have fun.